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Herbal Wellbeing

Working with Herbs/Plant Medicines to aid in healing yourself and your family Naturally.

herbs and mortal and pestel

What is Herbalism?

Many people ask What is Herbalism?  Most simply it is the use of whole plant extracts to restore health and wellbeing, with the active constituents from the plants applied to address and relieve many different symptoms.   Herbs can be taken as teas, tinctures or capsules, or used externally as sprays, creams and ointments.  Many people don’t realise that conventional drugs often originate from plants.  However in contrast, herbalists find that using whole plant extracts rather than one isolated chemical can be a gentle yet effective way to address health conditions, with few side effects.

There will be lots of herbs that you may already have come across and even have in your home, such as chamomile, cinnamon, nettle, turmeric or fennel.

I will be able to help you on how to use these and many other herbs to address illness, learning which herbs are most appropriate for each specific condition.

I will use both traditional and scientific rationale to prescribe combinations of herbs (often as teas and tinctures) to help restore health and alleviate symptoms for many different conditions.

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