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Sacred Tantric Awakening Ceremonies


Feel More Alive in Your Body, Bedroom and Life

Each ceremony begins with an introduction and a brief explanation of Tantra. You are then invited to set your intention for the session, relax and begin your journey.

These workshops will be from 90 minutes to 2 hours. On a rare occasion we may have a 1 hour class.


Be Present in the Moment, Communicate and Connect. 

As of late, do you feel that you are disconnected; maybe you and your partner feel disconnected? Do you want to improve intimacy? Do you want to learn more about yourself? Feel more…alone or with a partner. Are you ready to open up and explore Your’Self’? Do you feel that there’s something that is stopping you from forming a strong bond with your partner? Do you want to learn the different ways in which you can attain greater pleasure? We will explore the connection between our ‘Breathe’,  sexual energy and life force and how our lives are transformed when we can embrace that amazing energy and allow it to heal us.

If your answer is yes for any of the questions that have been mentioned above, then these workshops are perfect for you.

This is a human experience and all genders are welcome. All exercises are invitations and there is no expectation to do anything you don’t want to do.  The classes are fully clothed and while it relates to sexuality, it involves non-sexual interaction.

I will provide a safe space for you to explore and understand the magnificent and transcendent potential of your sexuality. I will empower you to discover and ask for what you need and to open your entire being to blissful pleasure.


Connect and BE Present in the Moment

You will be offered the opportunity to look at yourself and your life in a very different way. Enjoy an evening of Being Present In the Moment: we will explore and develop our breathe work, meditation, connection with ourselves and with others and energy. We will awaken our senses and the energy that is within our sensual selves.

Learn how to do Self Love & Self Care and set your boundaries while also testing them to see what might be possible?

We will then be invited to take off the protective masks (Gaze Upon One Another) we often wear to discover a deep connection with ourselves. How do you open up and connect to someone else in the moment… and with life itself.

We will also find your voice…releasing those sounds that build up throughout our daily lives. Letting them out and letting them go. Moaning….letting go and really being ‘heard’ by your partner.

I will be guided through vulnerable, heart-opening and playful exercises, rotating to explore with different partners, in order to celebrate everyone – including yourself as a beautiful human and a reflection of the Divine.


Exploring Tantric Sensual Touch

It’s time to get sensuous as we learn the basics of conscious touch, energy play and heart connections. We will end by integrating and embodying all we’ve learned, taking it into our cells for a more orgasmic life; a true gift for the entire planet. This is just a sweet and beautiful 90 minute to 2 hour immersion into a much deeper practice.  We remain fully clothed the whole time. Some of the exercises involve partner-work. You can come with a partner or if there are people who come alone, you may choose to work with them. Some of the exercises are intended to release feel-good chemicals in our bodies.

Sensorium: Surrender to Sensation

Focusing on the senses; Taste ~ Touch ~ Smell ~ Hearing ~ Sight

Titillate your senses during this luxuriously yummy class.

For part of this workshop you will be  blindfolded, as it radically alters the notion of time and space, leading to the source of art: the intelligence of the body. 



Cuddle Party (non-sexual touch)

“To touch can be to give life,” said Michelangelo, and he was absolutely right.

This cuddle session gives us an opportunity to “give and receive welcomed affectionate touch in a no-expectation, friendly setting. A lot of us are on our own, single, loss of a loved one, perhaps a disability, or we just don’t often (or ever) get the opportunity to hug or be touched by others in a meaningful way.

All over the world those who are touch-deprived are seeking the reassurance and security of a simple cuddle, capturing the zeitgeist of a technologically advanced but increasingly disconnected society. Touch provides its own language of compassion, a language that is essential to what it means to be human.


Energy Orgasms Part 1

Long ago, it was natural to live in orgasmic energy, and for humans to have ready access to many kinds of orgasms, including “energy orgasms”…hands-free orgasms that don’t require touch, or that can inspire touch in entirely new ways…

While this opens up an entire world of orgasmic possibilities, it does even more than that…

The things you learn in order to have energy orgasms are also the most important and powerful principles of Sacred Sexuality, and shift your body and your entire world in life-changing ways. Opening these orgasmic pathways also enhances your relationship to your intuition, and access to your deepest sexual wisdom and gifts…

Finally, and perhaps most powerfully, these orgasms are a potent tool for sexual healing. Working with these energies is one of the most loving and purest things you can do for yourself.


Energy Orgasms Part 2

Embrace and Embark on a journey into a more spiritual, more powerful sexuality…

Taking the steps toward and having this type of orgasm bathes your entire energy field in the nourishment it needs to heal from past sexual trauma, shame, low self-esteem, disconnection from your body, or negative body image. Furthermore it is incredibly restorative to those who have had injuries, surgeries, or in any other way have experienced decreased sensation in the genital area.