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The attention to detail was amazing. I felt like each part of my body received special consideration and love with my massage.    

~ Scarlett Hayes

The atmosphere was very calm and soothing. The hot stone massage released the tension in my back and helped with my swollen knees. It left me feeling very relaxed and loose.

~ Bruce Roberts

Beautiful product wonderful lady! Hot stone massages to die for!

~ Donna Messano Metz

I have used several products from Love Light & Laughter healing studio. All of which, I absolutely loved. Most recently, Tea time for me,and detox bath. I was fighting the flu and couldn’t stop nausea and fever/chills. Tisa saved the day and showed up ready to heal! Within 30 mins my nausea faded away. I took a detox bath,carefully warned to hydrate before,during,and after bath. I could feel toxins leaving my body and started to get better the very same night. The products I have used: detox bath, organic herbal tea, lavender bath salts, happiness massage oil,And Tea time for me. I highly recommend for all your healing needs!

~ Paula Baughman Mounts

Amazing quality, beautiful scents, and made with organic ingredients! I have several products, the healing balm, lip balm, and bath salts, and love them all! The organic healing salve is a MUST HAVE for cracked hands. So much better than anything with synthetic and artificial ingredients, and well worth the price – it lasts forever! This stuff really works! So proud of you Tisa!

~ Katharine Steele

It was very relaxing and the stones were warm. Obviously. The oil also smelled really good and left my skin feeling super smooth.     

~ Rita S.

Absolutely in looove with my organic citrus peppermint lip balm!! Tisa is the sweetest and puts forth nothing but pure love.

~ Juls Lawrence

I recently visited Love, Light and Laughter Studio for my very first 2 hour hot stone massage given by Tisa Powell. ….. I wasn’t sure what to expect at all because Ive never had a massage before. It was sensational!

To say the least. The stones were amazing between my toes and fingers, and the massage was very nice for my stiff muscles and shoulder tendinitis.

I even had my face massaged! I had a very enjoyable and memorable experience, and will be returning occasionally. An incredibly relaxing time. Looking forward to future visits.    

Joni Smith

Tisa works so hard to make sure we get the best all natural products. She has lots of products to try out and she even got me to like cedar! I love her stuff:)

~ Leslie Ely

I LOVE the Amber Organic Body Cream!!! It is absolutely fantastic, and I can’t get enough!

~ Anna Ross

Energy lotion bar….LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!SMELLS AMAZING and my skin is so soft.

~ Lisa Thacker

My husband bought me some of the lip balms and the sugar scrub. The balm is smooth with a soft flavor, and the scrub made my hand feel softer than they’ve felt in a long time. I needed to pamper myself and the scrub is perfect for pampering. I plan to use the scrub on my feet tonight. I am picky about what goes on my lips and the balms are the bomb. My favorite is the orange peppermint. The chai was smooth and tingly on my lips. The lavender smelled good and I will have to keep a few; one for my office, one at the bedside, one in my purse.

~ Audra Hairston