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What is Detox? How do I do it?



Everyone starts talking about how to do a detox… but how do you know whether a detox program you pick is safe, is going to suit your body and whether you even need to do one in the first place?

Natural detoxification is one of the body’s most normal and basic functions. Your liver and kidneys along with your bowel, lymphatic system and skin aid in the process of eliminating chemicals and waste via your sweat, urine and faeces. Detoxification includes neutralising and eliminating waste from the normal digestion of food, cell respiration, immune complexes, dead microbes and dead cells.

In this day and age we have an increased workload on our natural detoxification systems and they can become over-loaded from excess alcohol, environmental chemicals such as herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, petrochemicals, hair dyes, paints, cleaning products, medications, car and industry air pollutants, perfumes, plastic chemicals such as BPA and phthalates, poor diet including excess animal protein, saturated fat, artificial sweeteners, additives, preservatives, excess refined carbohydrates, sugar, trans-fats, processed foods, and much more.

On average, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report found 212 chemicals in people’s blood or urine, 75 of which had never before been measured in the U.S. population. It is known that many of the detected chemicals can be harmful to human health and capable of contributing to chronic disease and other health concerns.

When our body reaches its full detoxification capabilities from this extra workload we begin to store these toxic metabolites in our organs, tissues and fat cells. This may then cause or contribute towards fatigue, inflammatory diseases, immune dysfunction, poor weight control, heart disease and cancer.

Some environmental stressors are unavoidable but we can reduce our own personal exposure with our daily choices. We can also improve and support our body’s own healing and detoxification pathways with increased nutrition through juicing and a high volume of fruits and vegetables containing vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and anti-oxidants.

Resource: Claire Georgiou, Reboot Naturopath, B.HSc ND

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Left to its own devices the skin, kidneys, liver and lymphatic system combine to make the body capable of getting rid of most toxins it takes in. But if you want to help optimise your body’s health, there are plenty of ways to detox without stretching your purse-strings. At Love Light Laughter, we strive to have cost effective ways for you to Detox your body.


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