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A System of Tantra and Sacred Sex

What is SomaVeda Thai Yoga?

49 Systems of Self Expression and Healing


#48 A System of Tantra and Sacred Sex:

Tantra is a Classical Indian/Indo-Aryan Sanskrit word literally meaning “expansion through awareness”. It includes teachings and practices that use Energy to lead to a high state of enlightenment and blissful existence. SomaVeda Tantra seeks to apply the teachings of Tantra to the expression of sensuality and to the Sacred Sexual Union in order to reach higher states of enlightenment and bliss.

SomaVeda Thai Yoga can be a spiritual path that uses all the sense faculties, breath, sound (Mantra, tones), movements (Asana), and various symbols (Chakra Yantra) to bring peace and quiet to the mind and to activate sexual energy (Kundalini Shakti), focusing and directing it throughout the mind, body and spirit of the person to achieve specific states of consciousness and bliss.

These practices were originally part of the ancient meditative and healing practices of India, Tibet, Nepal, Thai and Chinese cultures. In the ancient past they may have been reserved for the training of royalty and spiritual adepts and sages, however, now the teachings and practices are now available for everyone. The Thai style comes to us primarily from the Vedic and Taoist cultures.

These practices (Pranayama, Asana, Vinyasa, Visualization etc.) coupled with sensitive, loving and sensual touch can also help with healing past trauma and emotional injuries which are stored in the sexual centers or Chakra of the body. By Opening the Chakra and Sen or Nadi’s of the body it is possible to be more fully available and in the moment with your expression of love and expression of your true sexual nature. Kundalini or the vital life force of Prana is considered the only energy we can consciously control or direct which has the potential to create or facilitate life.

By creating the possibility of cultivating, gathering, directing and sharing the Kundalini energy we can bring life to every part of us. Bring vital energy to the mind, body and spirit. Bring vital healing energy to sick or injured parts of us.

When practiced with a willing partner the atmosphere and connection created can bring about powerful flows of connection and energy. These empower you to expand your love for one another and for all living things.

Thai Yoga Tantra balances the male and female energies (Yin and Yang) within your person and with and between you and your partner. The sacredness and divine practice of intentional union breaks down the normal barriers and inner constraints that limit the free expression of perfect union and makes every touch, breath and movement a divine gift. We honour our divine male and feminine energies as perfected manifestations of the sacred within us.

There are practices suitable for both single (solo cultivation) use and for partners and couples cultivation.

NOTE: We recommend overt sexual activity of any kind to only occur between informed and consenting adults and never in a professional setting.


By Anthony B. James


Aachan and Master Teacher of SomaVeda Thai Yoga