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SoulShine Warrior

Receive the ultimate in relief from stress and tension quickly and easily during a live gong music performance by SoulShine Warrior.

“The Ultimate Sound Immersion Experience!”

SoulShine is the name I have given my percussion gong music performances because of the euphoric sounds and reverberating vibrations which come from the instruments. These sound symphonies are called many things; sound bath, gong meditation, vibrational immersion, and more. My harmonic concerts create the perfect atmosphere for individuals to quiet the mind, achieve deep and rejuvenating relaxation, to BE present in the moment.

Celestial sounds and harmonic tones of meditative percussion gongs allow your mind, thoughts, emotions and body to blissfully float into feelings of deep renewal, calm, and well-being. Soothing sensations and sonic vibrations of powerfully energetic soundwaves creates a musical micro-massage for whole-body healing and alignment.

SoulShine Warrior performs as a woman percussionist playing a variety of gongs to achieve soothing harmonic sound effects. By using special tools and techniques of stroking, beating, and rubbing the gongs we create ethereal and powerfully rejuvenating music. The results of the interpretive percussion performance for the audience is hearing and feeling the music’s sound waves that are unique, pleasing, and relaxing. The unpredictable sounds produced by the gongs help the brain move smoothly from an active brain wave (Alpha) state to deeper states of relaxation (Theta or Delta).

In addition to using gongs, I also utilize a variety of Antique Asian bells, Koshi Bells, Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls, and other unique items to create the most unique experience ever!!!