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Wanting Natural & Organic products I did some research, and I discovered a shocking fact. Did you know that everything you put onto your skin is absorbed into the bloodstream and processed by your internal organs?

Upon learning this, I knew I had to use more natural products! I read that the average adult absorbs up to five pounds of chemicals in their care products every year! These chemicals have been shown to contribute to hormonal imbalances, cancer, eczema, and a bevy of other illnesses and conditions, the list of which extends for days. Many of the chemical additives are outright banned in other countries, and yet they are somehow still permissible in the United States.

After searching for products to meet my needs naturally, I was disappointed by the offerings available. Many “natural” products still were not organic and far from natural, and shockingly contained many of the same questionable ingredients used in non-organic products.

Did you know that there is no regulation on marketing products as all natural?

This made me ask, “Where are the simple products with only the necessary ingredients and fragranced naturally with plant-based essential oils?” I began to do research on making my own products, initially for my own use and to potentially give as gifts. I sourced ingredients, recipes, started ordering more Organic and Therapeutic Grade essential oils and a ton of books on their many uses, and got to work. And then it dawned on me: why not offer my own line of products to give others the option for truly all-natural, organic skin care products, devoid of dangerous chemicals, that I myself desired? That said, I am pleased to offer you my artisan, hand-made natural and organic skin care products that are everything I wanted for myself. I hope you enjoy and benefit from them as much as I have!

Love Light & Laugher products was born in my very own kitchen in 2014. With a little experimentation, lots of research, and a little luck, I have created a line of products that I am proud of.

Love Light & Laughter strives to provide the highest quality, all-natural, organic, handmade products and services to release the stress and tension of everyday life.